Ovarian Cancer – Threat To Women

Ovarian cancer can be categorized as a cancer generated from ovary. It is very common in women after 50 years of age and menopause. Every year only in United States 25,000 ovary cancer cases are diagnosed among which 14,000 women die.

Causes of ovarian cancer –

The specific causes of ovarian cancer are yet to be unveiled but there are certain factors that we can mention as closely related to ovarian cancer. These factors are –

  • Infertility
  • Previous history of any kind of gynecological cancer
  • Elevated dietary fat
  • Other genetic factors

Symptoms of ovarian cancer –

At early stage ovarian cancer does not show any sign of its existence. It starts to show its presence when the tumor grow to a size of grapefruit. However following are the common symptoms of ovarian cancer –

  • Feeling of pressure in rectum
  • Frequent urination
  • Swelling and bloating in abdomen

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer

The primary step to detect ovarian cancer is examining the pelvic in details. In the next step Ultrasound and CT scan of the pelvic is done. To support the reports conducting a blood test is essential. After founding cancer tress doctors go for tissue diagnosis. The following steps are involved in tissue diagnosis for detecting ovarian cancer –

  • Trochar or FNA biopsy
  • Testing abdomen fluid
  • Removing the tumor with surgery

Spreading of ovarian cancer –

If not treated timely the ovarian cancer can spread to the following organs –

  • The lymph glands of pelvic and abdomen
  • Cavity of abdomen
  • Pleural space
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Bones
  • even Brain

Treatment for ovarian cancer

Once the ovarian cancer is detected the treatment should be start immediately. The most effective treatment for ovarian cancer is Surgery. When in primary stage (stage 1 and stage 2) the cancer in confined to limited parts of ovary surgery is best. When the cancer reaches the 3rd and the 4th stage it becomes very complicated to treat. However, chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy are two other treatment methods for ovarian cancer.

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