Exercise – System To Keep Knees Sound

1.      Before starting exercise one should warm-up and stretch. This will make easier the knee joint in several ways including the movement of the blood and lymph fluid into and out of joint structures and the nearby soft tissues and ensuring that the muscles and the ligaments attendant to the knee joint are not very stiff. This will help to decrease anxiety on the tendons and to lighten weight on the knee.

2.      Widen muscle balance. Make stronger the muscles of the lower body to decrease the amount of force that goes through the knees. One should be confident that one keeps up a proper muscle balance between the quadriceps and hamstrings (i.e., a 3-to-2 strength ratio is recommended) to offer a better level of stabilization and force for the knee joint.

3.      One should evade from excessive exercise. Somebody injure their knees due to excessive use syndrome. In other words they put an extreme stress on their knees.

4.      One should keep away from abrupt increases in the strength of exercise. We should permit our body too slowly and increasingly to adjust to the strains that we force on it. If we do excessively and very quickly that will ultimately hurt our knees. It should be kept in mind that certain actions that change strength level are not as evident as others. As for example altering move towards exercising may improperly increase our level of strength.

5.      We should guard our feet. Our feet (mostly how and where they hit the ground during the time of exercise) can have a deep outcome on our knees. In this connection, two of the most significant acts which we should start are the shoes which we put on have properly in shape and offer enough cushioning so that any foot problem may be taken care of immediately.

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