Epilepsy – Trend To Have Continual Convulsions

A person suffering from epilepsy has a trend to have continual convulsions. Due to unexpected erupt of electrical movement in the brain the convulsion happens. The brain is loaded with electrical action. This is the reason for an interim disorder in the communication coordination between brain cells. All through a convulsion the patient’s brain turns into “mixed up” or “halted“.

Types of attacks:-

At the time of treatment of a patient suffering from epilepsy, the attending doctor analyses three types of the disease:

  • Cryptogenic – This symptom indicates the doctor’s assumption of a most possible reason but cannot be identified.
  • Symptomatic – This indicates that the reason is known to the doctor
  • Idiopathic – this means there is no noticeable cause.

Symptoms of epilepsy:-

The most important indications of epilepsy are constant convulsions. A person suffering from epilepsy may be pointed out from some indications. In case one or more of such indications exist, a medicinal test is directed, particularly if they happen again:

  • Puzzled memory or short spells of blackout
  • For a short time the person is insensitive to questions or directives.
  •   For no obvious reason the person abruptly falls
  • Intermittent fainting spells, all through the period when bladder or bowel control is failed. This is often followed by severe weariness.
  • Sudden bouts of chewing, without any obvious cause
  • For a short period the person appears confused and incapable to convey
  •  Recurring activities that appear unsuitable
  • The person becomes afraid for no obvious reason, he/she may still become angry or panic
  •   Without any clear cause, the person turns into inflexible, unexpectedly
  • Abnormal changes in senses, namely touch, sound and smell
  • A convulsion with no temperature (no fever).
  • Sudden bouts of blinking without visible stimuli
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