Bladder Cancer- Symptoms And Treatment

Bladder cancer took an estimated 11,000 lives every year only in United States where as roughly 50,000 US people is diagnosed with the cancer every year. But the good thing is most of the patients with bladder cancer are diagnosed in primary stage and as a result with proper treatment they got cured. Men are more likely to develop bladder cancer than women. The average age of bladder cancer diagnosis is 65 years.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

The primary symptom of bladder cancer is coming of blood while passing urine because the cancerous tissues of bladder tend to break and bleed.

Causes of bladder cancer

Following are the most common as well as significant causes of bladder cancer –

  • Excessive cigarette smoking is the major cause of bladder cancer. It causes roughly 50 per cent of total bladder cancer cases all over the world.
  • Long term intake of certain kinds of medications such as phenacetin
  • Chronic bladder infection

Spreading of bladder cancer –

If not treated at the right time the cancer can be spread to many other organs from bladder, such as –

  • Lungs
  •  liver and
  • lymph glands of abdomen

Diagnosis of bladder cancer

The first step of the bladder cancer diagnosis is conducting an endoscopy of bladder. Next steps are bioscopy, CT scan and Ultrasound.

Treatment for bladder cancer

The treatment of bladder cancer depends on its stage. For example –

  • Treatment for stage 0 and A – surgery is the best treatment method in these stages. Doctors remove the cancer effective parts of bladder in this measure. Other treatment methods in these stages are applying the TB vaccine, BCG and chemotherapy with drugs like Adriamycin and Thiotepa.
  • Treatment for stage B – surgery is also effective in that stage.
  • Stage C and D – patients are best treated in the stage C and D through chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
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