Athlete’s Foot – The Medicinal Name Of Tinea Pedis

Tinea pedis is the medicinal name of athlete’s foot. Normally it disturbs the bottom of the foot and the vicinity between the toes. It is likely to swell to the toenails. Further it may widen to the inner part of the hands, underarms or groin in case the feet or any other part of the body is contacted.

The disease does not immediately worsen the sportsman. Any person whose feet are likely to be wet or moist may be affected by this disease. The fungi which are the root of athlete’s foot flourish in damp, hot atmospheres.

Causes of Athlete’s Foot:-

This fungus needs a wet and tepid environment. Putting on badly airy shoes and socks which protects sweat give a perfect reproduction ground for the viruses which immediately grow to affect the athlete’s foot. This trouble further increases when the creature get protection having contact with outside (swimming pool, locker-room floors and shower). The disease may be passed on by putting on the shoes of some other persons suffering from athlete’s foot.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:-

The normal indications comprise peeling and scaling in the toe webs (the vicinity between the toes). It is usually without any additional pain, itching or odour. The disease may also include the soles of the feet where tinea pedis may exist as blistering, scaling and redness next to the soles and sides of the feet, assuming what is called a moccasin pattern.

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