Asthma is an unrelieved lung infection that agitates and narrows the airways. Although people of all ages are being upset by asthma but normally it begins during childhood. In U.S.A out of 22 million people suffer from this disease, 6 million of them are virtually children.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma:-

General signs and indications of the disease are as follows:

  • Coughing – Coughing from asthma frequently is worse at night or early in the morning. It disturbs smooth sleeping.
  • Wheezing- Noisy sound transpires while breathing.
  • Chest tightness- Experienced something is pressing or sitting on chest.
  • Shortness of breath- Feeling of not getting air out of lungs.

It can’t be said that having these indications all people are asthma patient. Similarly an asthma patient may not have the above symptoms. Therefore to ascertain the disease lung function test, medical history and physical exam is required.

It is vital to take care of symptoms as soon as it is detected before turning the disease to a critical position.

 Causes of Asthma:-

Asthma patients should keep a close touch with the doctor to ascertain the reason of out breaking the disease.  Causes may include:

  • Allergens from dust, animal fur, cockroaches, mold, and pollens from trees, grasses, and flowers
  • Irritants such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, chemicals or dust in the workplace, compounds in home décor products, and sprays (such as hairspray)
  • Medicines such as aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nonselective beta-blockers
  • Sulfites in foods and drinks
  • Viral upper respiratory infections, such as colds
  • Physical activity, including exercise

Asthma patient’s health conditions may deteriorate due to other symptoms which include a runny nose, sinus infections, reflux disease, psychological stress, and sleep apnea. As a part of asthma care plan, these conditions need treatment.

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